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The Order is not a Path to follow; it is rather a magical and mystical system of
initiatory grades that can assist Initiates to progressively
discover and follow their own Path or True Will from within.

T.·. G.·. D.·. - O.·.T.·..A.·..A.·..N.·..


The Thelemic Order of the Golden Dawn is a Magical and Mystical Order with seven Grades of Initiation. These grades are linked with the seven Chakras of Yoga, the seven traditional Planets of Astrology, and the seven Metals of Alchemy. The system of the Order is also Qabalistic in nature. It is Kundalini Yoga, Mystical Alchemy, Qabalistic and Magical Initiation in one, designed as a service for the Initiate of the Great Work of Thelema. It derives its wisdom and knowledge from various Eastern and Western religious and philosophical sources. Its ceremonies have been constructed to accord with the principles of Thelema and to instruct the Initiate in the Magick of Thelema, for the realization of his/her True Will, and for the attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation of his/her Holy Guardian Angel. Its work, as a whole, can be described as Scientific Illuminism.

The initiatory system of the Order is one among many which lead to "interior illumination." The Order itself can only be found within the Heart of the Initiate through experience. It is not like a church, temple, lodge, party, or any other external, social or political institution. It is not a cult, and it is not a religion in the common sense of the word. The Order is Thelemic, that is, it is consecrated to Thelema, which is the True Will of the individual. The Thelemic Order of the Golden Dawn is not a Path to follow; it is rather a magical and mystical system of initiatory grades that can assist Initiates to progressively discover and follow their own Path or True Will from within. The True Will is the most direct expression of the True Self. It is the Will of the Spirit, not the human will, which is the will of the ego or shadow self. Members of the Order dedicate themselves to discovering and doing their own True Will, and they take on the great task of becoming their our own God, their own Master, and their our own Leader in a world of senseless followers.

Every man and every woman has their own Path to follow, or a proper course in life–a True Will–just as every star has its own orbit; and the Duty of every individual is to pursue his or her own course, just as every star must move on its own orbit. "Every man and every woman is a star." (AL I:3) We are all individual Centers of the Universe, each with our own unique Path to pursue in the Cosmic Order. The central message of the Order is the Law of Thelema: "Do what thou wilt shall the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will." This Law comes to us from the A.·. A.·., the Inmost Order of the Universe. Thelema is the Greek word for Will. It–like Agape, the Greek word for Love–has the numerical value of 93. In the Qabalah there is a numerological system called Gematria which informs us that words with the same numerical value are descriptions of each other or they are indications of a single phenomenon. The Law of Thelema is the Law of Will and Love, but the Love of which we speak must be under Will, that is, in accordance with one's True Will. It is love magically directed and used as a Magical Formula.

Everyone, in their inmost Self, is Hoor-Pa-Kraat; and everyone, by virtue of this sublime fact, is a member of the Illuminati, or the Universal Order within. Hoor-Pa-Kraat is Universal in nature; He represents the God within All, our True Self beyond the temporal and illusive veils of personality. The Great Work (Magnum Opus) on planet Earth is to become Enlightened to our True Self by way of our True Will (the True Will is the True Self in action) and to help All accomplish this Great Work of initiation and illumination.


T∴G∴D∴ | Ordo et Templum Aurorae Aureae Novae

Founded In Service to the A∴A∴
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